Peperle Impex

We are a Czech trading company focused on export and import.

Peperle Impex

The main commodities include manufacturing machines, technology and spare parts.



We are a Czech trading company focused on export and import.
Why choose Us?

Why choose us

We are used to serving both buyers and suppliers at the same time, thanks to which we have a wide range of products for different manufacturing and service sectors.

Why choose Us?

what we do

We always strive to be one step ahead of our customers and find our best solutions for our customers to increase the quality and efficiency of our manufacturing processes.

Why choose Us?

Who are our clients

Our clients are small and large companies, manufacturers and service providers who are interested in improving their competitive position.


Our business spheres
Výstavba silnic a zpevněných ploch

Machine tools

Building machines

Road machines

Agricultural machines

Console Activity

Forest machines

Transportation machines

Handling machines

Mining machines

Passenger machines

Municipality machines

Special machines

Machine components

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Company seatPeperle s.r.o.
Bartolomějská 291/11
110 00 Prague 1
Czech Rebublic

OfficesJablonecká 322/72
190 00 Prague 9
Czech Rebublic

Phone/faxT: +420 286 028 013
F: +420 286 028 014